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Zuluspro Photography is different and creative. We pride ourselves in offering the best artistic destination wedding photography to our clients.

We practice an unobstrusive journalistic approach with strong elements of art and conceptualism being the core building blocks from which our images are documented. This is further fused with bits of fashion and traditional photography that help us to create our own unique look and style.

Zuluspro Photography is owned and operated by Christopher Clare an artist and chief photographer who brings an avant-garde approach to his work.

We are proud to work with a variety of nationalities from all over the world with each interaction being a continued learning experience from the perspective of culture and expressions of love.

Before the actual wedding, we get familiar with our couples via: Telephone, Skype, Facebook or Emails. This is done to strengthen the client/vendor relationship along with providing comfort on both sides.

We are very easy to talk to and are open to your ideas and suggestions. It is always a pleasure to offer to you, one of the most innovative and out of the box photography experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our  CONTACT US  page to get the process started. Let LOVE, the most beautiful human emotion, be documented lovingly and with passion by ZULUSPRO PHOTOGRAPHY.