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We were married at Secrets Wild Orchid in Jamaica in July and being a wedding photographer myself, I was very picky about who I hired. It was just my husband and I and I didn’t want the traditional ceremony and reception stuff. I found Chris online after looking at tons of websites and emailed him and we hit it off! I told him what I wanted (an after ceremony shoot of just us playing around before dinner) and he listened, got to know me and created a package just for us. He gave us exactly what we wanted! Fun, beautiful images of us capturing our personality on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Our time with him was fun as he and his assistant are so easy going and accommodating even in the Jamaican july HEAT! We received our images in an extremely timely manner and couldn’t have been more pleased. I HIGHLY recommend Zuluspro and have met a great friend in Jamaica in the process! Thanks, Chris!!!!
Adriann and John.

We found Chris Clare’s website through an online search and were immediately drawn to his photos; he had a great mixture of artistic and journalistic styles. We found Chris to be very easy to work with, which says a lot when you’re working at a distance. He was very clear when communicating about the packages offered by Zuluspro and was open to spending time talking to us about our needs and the services he provides months before our wedding.
We met Chris for the first time during our First Glance photography session, the day before our wedding. Chris and the Zuluspro crew were more than timely; they were at our meeting site an hour before our agreed meeting time. Our biggest surprise was that we hadn’t just hired a photographer, Chris came with a team!
Upon meeting, Chris and the crew greeted us with big smiles and the promise of a fun and productive day. Despite the sweltering heat, Chris and the Zuluspro crew made us feel comfortable, relaxed, and made the entire experience fun and light-hearted. Before photos were taken, Chris would articulate his artistic vision as if to be writing a story with his images. We could tell his vision was well thought out and were infected by Chris’s enthusiasm when he captured a good photo. As he shot, Chris would show us the results as we went about our photo shoot which made the experience even more fun than a typical photo shoot where you don’t know what you’re getting until the end. It was really motivating to see everything coming together.
On the day of our wedding, Chris and crew were once again ready to bear the miserable heat in good spirits. Even our guests remarked on how great the photographers were capturing the wedding. One guest even remarked, “You didn’t just hire a wedding photographer”. We agree, we hired an artist.
After the wedding, Chris was very timely in providing proofs of the wedding photos. He contacted us before the deadline for receiving our photos and was early in uploading them for us to see – a major plus when you’re anxious to see the finished product! He sent the photos a couple of days after contacting us (again, earlier than the expected deadline) and delivered on his promises while providing options in how we’d like to receive our photos (as online downloadable files or mailed on a disk).
Matt and I would recommend Chris Clare and Zuluspro Photography to anyone wanting to work with fun, professional people who truly like what they do and are good at it. Chris did an unbelievable job; it was money and time well spent and we now have beautiful photos that captured the essence of our entire wedding experience.
Myla and Matt

Zuluspro, without a doubt they need to be your photographer. There are so many reasons, and now having been a bride every single reason you can think of Zuluspro tops the list. They were professional, creative, affordable, reliable, personable, and incredibly talented. When i spoke with Chris on the phone prior to booking with him, i was set at ease, he took the time to explain exactly how the day would work, which really set my mind at ease. We talked about what shots i was looking for and it was like we shared the same vision, well not the same vision, Chris is way too talented, but we shared the same thoughts and descriptions of the feeling i was going for. The day of, Chris and Paul arrived right on time and they had actually arrived early to take some shots of the resort ahead of time. Chris was so professional, and fun to work with, he was good at describing shots and prompting for a change in position without ever posing us. He scouted the ceremony and reception site even when the bride and groom were not allowed to go, and he got some awesome photos of the site. He took all the obligatory photos and so many creatie shots. Chris came early and stayed late. He is a true master of the profession! The next day we did trash the dress, and Chris took us to some amazing sites, we went into town center and under waterfalls on under trees, and diving into the ocean. Zuluspro captured so many great moments that i wasn’t able to see at the ceremony and reception and for that i am soooo thankful. If you have a chance to work with Zuluspro, DO IT!! He also travels and i have recommended him for places outside of Jamaica, its his vision and passion that make his work so outstanding!! Thank you Zuluspro!!
Sarah and Brian

After searching for weeks for someone to capture the memorable still memories of our wedding, we settled on one of the best if not the best wedding photographers we’ve ever experienced. His name is Chris from Kingston, Jamaica and armed with a 3 man camera crew, he was able to express the warmth, love and emotional feelings of the day and capture it all on the highest quality of digital HD photographs. He was extremely easy to work with and accommodating. We had a wedding planner but, I found him through other wedding blogs. I sent her the package and even she cosigned that he had awesome packages!!! Jamaica Brides….do me a favor…. don’t feel compeeled to stay in the Montego Bay box of vendors. There are some talented individuals that will travel (fees range from free to expensive) from other areas of Jamiaca that can bring and will Bring It!!! Let it be known, I am a creative and in being that I relate, innately, to creative professionalism. That means that you just can’t have an expensive camera and assume that you can just shoot pictures with no creative feel or motivation to them. Chris and his crew were able to place us in the most beautiful of places capturing the moment of our wedding in a way that would only be fit for royalty. In conclusion, my husband and I felt compelled to write this review with hopes of other
people across the world with impending ceremonies would use one of the most gifted and passionate photographer/artist the world has yet to experience.
I hired Zuluspro to do my wedding because as someone with a photographic background, I greatly enjoyed his photojournalistic approach and his play with ideas and lighting. Chris did wonderfully, made myself and my husband feel incredibly comfortable and when I told him specifically that I would prefer lighthearted photographs with my husband and I laughing he quickly adapted to ensure we received the exact type of photographs we needed. He was responsive, ensured I felt comfortable ahead of time, even calling to get a feel for my personality and what I was looking for. The photographs were sent to me within 3 weeks via a large file transfer which was fantastic and easy to use and my guests are raving about his work. Well done Chris!
Emily and Kieran

From my first contact with Christopher at Zuluspro Photography I was floored to work with him. He made me feel so comfortable with the whole long distance wedding situation. At no point did I ever question choosing him as our wedding photographer. Each of my emails were replied to in a quick and polite matter. I could tell, without meeting Chris in person, he was a kind and artistic person who truly loved creating a masterpiece with just raw emotion and a beautiful back drop.
You could say it was love at first sight when I discovered his website and blog. I not only enjoyed each and ever picture posted but I also admired all the good things he had to say about the people he worked with. You see now I truly understand why he is able to bond with them so quickly. It’s in his eyes. Just like he finds each background and frame for his magnificent pictures he sees a story in each couple since really no two pair are alike another, other than they all are embarking a the journey of marriage.
I was so excited when the day arrived for me to not only get married but also to meet the wonderful Christopher Clare. My day started great. It was a beautiful day. I had an amazing time at the spa doing my hair and makeup and then he arrived just as I was getting back to my
hotel. I was super excited to see him and start my walk down the aisle to see my handsome groom.
He went to work creating breathtaking shots one after another. He captured all the details my flowers, my dress, my jewelery and so on. I felt like a beautiful work of art. I was so relaxed and I enjoyed every minute in front of his camera lens. Before getting dressed he went to meet up with the groom and his family as well as the best man. These shots continued to be amazing and blow us all out of the water. Christopher does not just take pictures he paints your memories on film digitally forever. He sees the moments and he enhances them into a pin pointed section of beauty in time, he captures it and when he has the perfect shot you will know it. He is so exciting to work with because his enthusiasm is contagious.
Not only did I love working with Christopher and his Partner Paul but all my wedding guest were drawn to him like a moths to the flame. They talked to him and he shared some of his shots from so far in the wedding and they were just as enthusiastic about his work as we were. Lucky for Tom and I we got to work with Christopher and Paul the next day for a Trash the Dress session. This was a great continuation to the events of the day before. We toured along the beautiful coast of Jamaica listening to our favorite music and life as a newlywed couldn’t be better. Fresh coconuts and countryside, beautiful sun and the company of some great people filled our photo shoot with a warm but sensational Ora.
I truly had an amazing time. And believe it or not husband Tom, who hates taking pictures by the way, also had a great experience with Zuluspro Photography. We could not have dreamed of a better two days in paradise. We had an marvelous wedding and Christopher helped us hold on to that beauty for an eternity. I will never be able to thank him and his partner enough for that. I am honored to have met such an amiable person. I am inspired by his passion for his work and his drive to get the perfect shot. I mean who else will lie on their backs in oncoming traffic in Jamaica.
Do not wait to work with Zuluspro Photography. You will not regret choosing them as your destination wedding photographer. I am a true testament to an extremely happy bride who will cherish the pictures Christopher has taken for the rest of my life. Feel free to contact me by email at mcc842002@hotmail.com if you would like to see some of his amazing shots otherwise check out his website www.zulusproweddings.com and from there you can view his blog. He also has a Facebook page.
Yours Truly
Meagan Brennan

You are a brilliant artist with a keen eye for out of the box stuff. We were very pleased with your work , photos and the overall experience in Jamaica. Thank you Chris!…
Vera and Anton 23 August 2014

Dear Chris, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the amazing dedication you showed to us at our wedding. When we planned to have our wedding in Jamaica , I knew that I wanted to work with a photographer who could really capture the emotion of the day. From the moment I reviewed the photos on your website, I knew you were the one for the job! You were always quick to return my emails, and took great care to ensure we were confident and comfortable. The day of the event, you were taking amazing shots while not being intrusive. We are forever grateful to you for capturing this day so perfectly. You were amazing, and thanks for being a part of our special day….
Heather & Jim

Chris Clare at Zuluspro Photography is truly an admirable photographer. We are extremely pleased with the services provided and the final product. His work his original, creative, and dare I say sexy.
My husband and I were very excited to have a destination wedding, but apprehensive of hiring a “resort photographer”. We didn’t want the same old photos that every other couple getting married at the resort had. We wanted to have someone who could capture the essence of “our day”. Hiring Zuluspro Photography, he did exactly that and then some.
Finding a photographer in another country wasn’t something we took lightly. After many searches, I came across Zuluspro’s Blog, I was so intrigued. By the 4th photo archive I viewed of his work, I knew we had to hire him for our wedding day. When I got in contact with Chris, he responded immediately. We corresponded via email, which was surprisingly easy. He asked many questions about our wants and needs, and expressed very clearly what to expect from him. His prices were great and worth every penny for his amazing work.
When our wedding day arrived, Chris and his team member Paul showed up bright and early, ready to go. Finally meeting Chris in person was comforting. He is a warm and pleasant person. He took my husband and I out early in the day to capture just the two of us. Thanks to his visions on where he wanted to shoot us, we were lucky enough to see spectacular waterfalls, heritage sites and an amazing little fishing village. While we travelled to destination to destination, he spoke about his country and the beautiful locations he took us. Chris is a proud man, and we truly had the pleasure listening to his love of his island.
We had the time of our lives while Chris worked his magic. He took the time, was dedicated(even laid on the road with on coming traffic) to get the shots he wanted, he also shared the pictures with us between shots which was a pleasure to see.
Chris was able to catch so many special moments between my husband and me, our beautiful children and our friends and family. We had an amazing once in lifetime experience, and we are so proud to share our day through beautiful pictures with everyone.
Hiring Zuluspro Photography was the icing on our wedding cake! We can’t thank you enough!
Stephanie & Bruno Gagnon